'Want to see India, adore Bollywood films,' says Suga of BTS
'Want to see India, adore Bollywood films,' says Suga of BTS

The August D-Day Tour is Suga of BTS's debut solo tour. The BTS members have been dominating the music scene from America to Asia. Fans have been ecstatic and happy to pieces because of his dazzling performances at each of the gigs so far. After finishing his tour's Bangkok leg, Suga said in a recent live session that he also greatly wants to visit India.

Min Yoongi mentioned India in a tweet, according to @btstranslation7. "India? Guys, I really want to go perform in India. Before the tour dates were announced, we were looking at a few different places for the shows. One of those was India, but unfortunately, we couldn’t set up a show due to Covid.”

Not only this but a few moments later, Suga also revealed that he loves Bollywood films. “I want you guys to know I’m seeing all the flags you’ve been putting in the comments. One day, I’ll go visit each and every place,” he responded to fans joining him from different parts of the world. He added, “India, I’ve heard there are a lot of ARMYs supporting us from India. Guys, I’m a fan of Indian movies, love the Bollywood films.”

As soon as Suga made this remark, Indian supporters flooded Twitter to express their delight. It is now widely accepted that BTS was scheduled to perform in Mumbai in 2020, but COVID prevented it from happening.

In the meantime, tweets from India's BTS ARMY followers discussing their enthusiasm have taken over Twitter. "My God I'm not in right stage rn," one of them wrote. Suga is referencing Bollywood OMG and Indian cinema from that country.

"OMG... Suga wants to visit India and is aware of Bollywood. Hope he shows up soon," said a different supporter. We won, another tweeter added. Period.”

A BTS member has already spoken about upcoming concerts in India. A BTS concert was actually scheduled for Mumbai in 2020. However, Covid-19 prevented things from happening.

D-Day, Suga of BTS's debut solo album, was released in April. His trilogy came to a close with this album, August D. The group member also released his Disney+ Hotstar-streaming documentary.

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