Consume these drinks to get clear and glowing skin

Jul 24 2020 11:31 AM
Consume these drinks to get clear and glowing skin

In today's time, staying fit and healthy lifestyle has become very important. However, in order to consume lemon-water in the morning, you must have said something. This drink removes toxins from the skin and you get the same with clearing and glowing skin. But do you know that in addition to lemon-water, you can drink many other drinks which can be found by drinking beautiful skin. So if you too are bored with lemonade, then try these detox drinks. They can also be drunk every morning.

Aloe vera drink
Aloe vera gel can enhance the beauty of skin not only by applying it on the face, but also by drinking it. Make these drinks before sleeping at night and drink it in the morning. For this drink, first remove the gel from the aloe vera leaves thoroughly. Now put this gel in a blender and rotate it a little. After this, cut this gel solution and cut a few pieces of lemon in a jar of water and leave it overnight.

Basil and Lemon
At night, put some small pieces of lemon and some basil leaves in a jar of water. After this, leave it overnight and drink it in the morning. This is a great detox drink that is used a lot.

Apple drink
The malic acid present in apple helps in clearing the skin as well as making new cells. First boil a jar of water in a vessel. When these water remains hot, cut thin pieces of apple and put them in it. Then mix cinnamon after two minutes. After it cools down, filter it and eat it.

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