Bella Hadid going through love or mental health trouble! Actress reveals truth about the case

American supermodel and actress Bella Hadid has recently unveiled several secrets once again. Bella Hadid, a 25-year-old supermodel and actress, has said that she has been suffering mental and physical pain for a long time. She had earlier shared some photos of herself from her official Instagram account in which she said that whatever appears on Insta may be real or happy. Bella Hadid said in an interview how she was experiencing pain in the past. The model has said that her condition was very painful and debilitating. Bella has said that initially, she had not been a stylist for a long time of about 2 years.

She further said that she was in such a strange place mentally that it was very difficult for her to leave the house. Changing clothes, especially facing the paparazzi, etc. However, Bella Hadid has now learnt to manage everything. She claims that she has now learnt to accept and love her fashion and her clothes, she is happy.

While talking about the health issue, Hadid also spoke about the photos she posted in November in which she is seen crying. The model has said that 'I was in a lot of depression, and nobody was making phone calls. When my mother and my doctor asked me about my health, I used to click a photo and send them. I didn't text them, just sent them a picture. It was easiest for me to do that job at that time because I couldn't figure out how I felt at that time.'

She continued, 'I was in very painful situations. Was suffering physically and mentally so much pain that couldn't be expressed. Don't know why? It's been all this for nearly 3 years.' Hadid has said she's better now than ever. She has said that only she has the solution to her problems, so she has to fix things herself.

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