Was Selena's new song 'back to you' for ex-boyfriend Justin Beiber?

May 15 2018 04:55 PM
Was Selena's new song 'back to you'  for ex-boyfriend Justin Beiber?

The pop artist Selena Gomez's new song ‘back to you’ is giving her ex-boyfriend mixed signals of what she really wants. He seemed to be confused.

The songwriting business about real life love and breakups can be easily seen in songs penned down by various artists like Taylor Swift, Justin etc.

Selena’s new song which is to become a part of the ‘13REASONS WHY 2’ playlist.

Selena and Justin have been in an on-off relationship from 2010, the major comeback happened in late 2017 after Selena's life-threatening kidney transplant. Rumored to be off again, this is the first song after that breakup.

Sources revealed that the songs emphasize how much she loves him and again, on the other hand, she refuses to be with him. He is confused about what she really wants, also that he was staying with Ritz Carlton and have been writing songs sitting by the poolside all day, making his own personal zone where no one disturbs him and he gets enough time for himself. In fact, he even slept right there.guess someone is writing a reply song, well, let’s see what is coming forward.

We hope the next season of '13 reasons why' which is about to be released on 18 may 2018 is liked equally like the first one and wish Selena all the very best for her future endeavors.

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