Waste Plant Technology is yet to be finalized even after a year

The technology that is to be used for the new garbage processing plant which is being planned in consultation with IIT, Ropar, is yet to be decided by the Municipal Corporation (MC) and the UT administration even after a year. 

A request for proposal is yet to be finalized in order to give the green flag to the project, while three different technology — bio methanation, electricity, and composting are being discussed. 

The MC gave a brief presentation of the project to the UT adviser Dharam Pal, who asked them to make some changes by keeping the global scenario of garbage processing and technology in mind. 

“The MC’s RFP was not found satisfactory in the meeting. It needs to be modified. Moreover, as technology is one of the key aspects, it is crucial to understand that it should be viable or feasible by keeping the garbage generated in mind,” sources told TOI.

The adviser said, “The RFP is not yet final. The MC has been given some time. It will make a fresh presentation next week”.

IIT Ropar was selected by the Municipal Corporation general house to prepare a detailed project report (DPR) and RFP for an upgrade, operation, and maintenance of the Dadumajra garbage processing plant, this Thursday. 

As it is a composite project from the collection of garbage from the doorstep to its processing, the civic body had taken advice from National Environmental Engineering Research Institute for the same. 

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