Watch out the food inside Copper utensils

Oct 20 2020 06:24 PM
Watch out the food inside Copper utensils

The health benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel is abundant. Drinking water stayed overnight  in the copper vessel provides too many benefits to the body. It detoxyfies the stomach, liver and kidneys. The dilution system is strengthened enhances weight loss, and helps to stay younger for a long time. The steel glasses at home are being replaced by the copper glass. But there are lot of things to eat and drink, by keeping them in a copper vessel gets spoiled. We will see 4 such things that should never be eat and drink in a copper vessel as it harms the health. 

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1. Milk, curd, paneer harms the health when kept and consumed from a copper vessel. Minerals and vitamins in yogurt react together with copper, and cause food poisoning. Problems like nervousness or nausea develops. Never put milk, curd or cheese in a copper vessel.

2. Buttermilk is beneficial for health but drinking in a copper glass reacts opposite way. The properties of buttermilk are destroyed by keeping buttermilk or lassi in a copper vessel. 

3. Sour things react together with copper and gives harmful effects. Vinegar pickle, mango or numbi pickle, sauce or jam, should not be kept in a copper vessel. It causes depression, weakness or nausea and can lead to copper poisoning. 

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4. Lemonade is good for health. Often people drink lemonade on an empty stomach in the morning to lose weight, but using copper glass instead of steel or glass can harm you. The acid found in lemon reacts with copper which poise harmful for the health. It may cause  stomach gas, stomach pain, vomiting.

Always keep a watch on the food taken with copper utensils. 

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