Salman Khan calls this famous Bollywood actor 'sister', Know what's the reason?

Bollywood's famous actor Salman Khan had called the beautiful actress 'Sister' because of a television show. With this, Salman Khan said that now he is married, then he has to speak. An old video of 'The Kapil Sharma Show' is going viral on social media. In which comedian Kapil Sharma is seen saying that Salman Khan has called such a beautiful actress Kareena Kapoor as 'sister'. To which Salman Khan is replying that it is a matter of time. Seasons change, he has also called Kareena a son.

In the comedy video, Salman Khan is seen saying that when he saw Kareena Kapoor at the age of 9, it was the son who said. Salman also says that he wouldn't call sister but if she gets married then he will also have to speak. Kapil in a fun-filled manner asks Salman Khan that he was earlier working with big girls. On which Salman Khan says that he was earlier also working with very big girls. The audience laughs a lot at these things of Kapil and Salman.

Comedy video Salman Khan was asked by Kapil Sharma if he has ever been called brother by some beautiful actress. On this, Salman Khan says that Sonakshi Sinha had called him brother. Salman says that now Bhai will speak, but when the film starts there will be interviews, there will be asked how did you feel after doing a romantic scene with Salman, would you say a romantic scene with Salman Bhai. Hearing this much talk of Salman Khan, Kapil Sharma fiercely start laughing.

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