Watch today’s Cryptocurrency prices: Ethereum, Bitcoin rise

Global crypto market capitalisation fell 0.38 percent to USD 2.19 trillion over the last 24 hours. Bitcoin, which is currently trading at USD 46,919.50, increased its market dominance by 0.30 percent in the last day to 40.55 percent.

Over the last 24 hours, the total cryptocurrency trading volume was USD 95.42 billion, a 21.76 percent increase. While DeFi (USD 14.35 billion) accounted for 15.04 percent of total volume, stablecoins (USD 75.60 billion) accounted for 79.23 percent.

In terms of major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin increased by 0.06 percent to Rs 37,33,000, while Ethereum (Rs 3,12,527) increased by 0.48 percent. Cardano (Rs 98.37) was down 0.63 percent. Over the last 24 hours, Avalanche (Rs 8,949.41) increased 4.04 percent, Polkadot (Rs 1,900.13) decreased 4.47 percent, and Litecoin (Rs 12,093.81.59) decreased 1.94 percent. Tether dropped 0.64 percent. Memecoin SHIB rose 2.25 percent to Rs 13.33, while DOGE fell 1.33 percent to Rs 13.33. Bitcoin is currently trading at Rs 37,33,000, while LUNA has dropped 3.71 percent to Rs 6,430.

A relatively small number of "rich" wallets control more than a quarter of the circulating bitcoin supply, according to a report by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The top 1,000 investors own approximately three million, or 16 percent of all circulating Bitcoin, and the top 10,000 investors own approximately five million, or 27 percent of Bitcoin.

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