Watchman can't sleep at this hotel of Kota
Watchman can't sleep at this hotel of Kota

Often at night time people get sleepy, whether he is a watchman or someone else. Generally we have seen the watchmen sleeping at night, but if the duty of the night is just sit down then a person feels sleepy automatically. The truth is that they don’t get salary for sleeping, it’s just for not sleeping whole night.

Today, we are going to tell you about a place where on sleeping during duty, watchmen get punished. If you are thinking of taking a nap or sleep here, do not think, otherwise you will be punished unforgettably. Yes, we are talking about the Kota town located near Rajasthan, where such incidents occur in the Brijraj Bhawan, which you will be surprised and even scared of hearing about. It is said about such incidents that, when a security guard sleeps on duty at night, he has been slapped badly.

People are giving different opinions on this, on which some say that the spirit of the British Major wanders in this hotel. This soul does not hurt anyone but monitors the palace. Therefore, this soul slaps and does not give sleep to watchman who sleeps here. It is said that during the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857, there was a British resident Major Charles Burton who died in the battle and since then his soul is wandering.

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