Follow these tips to get a wax done properly during monsoon

Waxing during humid weather is very disturbing. If you get a wax done during the rainy season, you must have noticed that one feels the stickiness due to sweat. Because of humidity, wax does not remove hair properly. Many times wax remains on your hands and your hair does not grow out. For this reason, one has to apply wax again and again. For this, you can adopt some easy tips.

Do this before waxing
When you are going to wax, take a shower first. By doing this, sweat and extra oil will be washed away and it will be easier to wax.

Keep this thing in mind
Do not apply any kind of moisturizer or cream on the skin after bathing. While applying wax, go in loose clothes. It would be better to carry a cotton gown of your own in which it is easy to wax. This is said that it is hygenic as well. 

Benefits of this wax
Chocolate wax is a type of wax made from a mixture of cocoa, almond oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, glycerin and vitamin E. There is no excess of viscous substances like sugar and honey. So this wax gives relief during monsoon.

Wax is not needed quickly
Chocolate wax prevents the early growth of hair in the skin. If you experience pain, stretchiness and skin irritation while waxing, then chocolate wax is the best choice in monsoon.

Apply Moisturizer
After waxing, definitely apply moisturizer, body oil, gel or body serum in the parlour. This creates a protective layer on exposed pores and sensitive skin cells.

Wear these clothes after waxing
After the wax, wear cotton clothes so that no stickiness or uneasiness is felt. These clothes should be loose so that the skin gets proper air.

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