3 ways to use glycerin to gain fair and glowing screen
3 ways to use glycerin to gain fair and glowing screen

Glycerin is very beneficial fluid for the screen as it is a good moisturizer and enhances the glow of the screen. The appropriate use of the glycerin can make it a very effective liquid and can deliver the desirable skin to you. You can get easily from any general and cosmetics store in a low cost. We brings you the three ways in which you can use it as makeup setting spray, cleaner and facial masks.

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1. Sometimes makeup gets spoiled due to perspiration. You can use glycerin as a make-up setting spray. For this, mix the rose water and lemon juice in glycerin and fill it in a spray bottle. Now after making makeup, spray it on your face. By doing this, your makeup will not ruin for a long time. 

2. You can also use glycerin as a cleanser. For this, mix one spoonful of glycerin in a spoonful sugar and put it on your face. Now scrub your face with light hands. Doing so will help you in removing Dead and will enhance glow of your skin. 

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3. Glycerin can also be used as facial masks. It also provides moisture and help to detoxify the skin. Its also help in avoiding wrinkles. Apply glycerin on your face and leave it for 10 minutes and wash it with cold water.

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