Scientists claims, 'Now woman can give birth to babies without male'

Jun 25 2019 01:19 AM
Scientists claims, 'Now woman can give birth to babies without male'

WASHINGTON: Female astronauts on Mars can give birth to a baby through sperm without a male. Research has revealed that sperm sparing even in significantly lower gravity can be safe. This can help build colonies on Mars. According to research, the frozen sperm was found to be safe in significantly lower gravity.

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The sperm samples were sent to the flight and they were given a very low gravity for eight seconds. In the process, sperm of 10 healthy donors was used. This was revealed at the annual meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Vienna. Museserat Boda of Dixus Women's Health, Barcelona, presented the research paper at the meeting. New research has also revealed that the 'All Women Astronaut' team can go to Mars and give birth to a baby.

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With this research, people are hopeful that one day a sperm bank will be created on Mars. There has been speculation earlier that only women crew members could be involved in the Mars mission. Two years ago, British Astronaut Helen Sherman said there was a similar NASA report that provided information about the sexual design of potential space crew members. According to Helen, the report recommended that only a team with 'all women' or 'all men' be transported to Mars.

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