We urge the US side not to go too far: China

May 19 2019 03:53 PM
We urge the US side not to go too far: China

China’s top diplomat Wang Yi has asked US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo not to go “too far” in its “damaging moves” against the Chinese interests, saying that both countries will benefit from cooperation and lose from conflicts.

State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang held a telephonic conversation with Pompeo on Saturday, days after US President Donald Trump signed an executive order barring American companies from installing the foreign-made telecom equipment posing a national security threat, a move apparently aimed at banning Huawei from US networks.

Beijing has warned of retaliation against the order that effectively barred Chinese telecom giant Huawei from the US market.

Wang, noting that the US has recently made remarks and taken actions that are harmful to the Chinese interests in various fields including cracking down on Chinese enterprises’ normal operations through political measures said China strongly opposes such actions.

“We urge the US side not to go too far,” he told Pompeo.

“History and reality have shown that as two big countries, China and the US will both benefit from cooperation and lose from conflicts,” Wang said.

 “The two sides should follow the direction set by the two countries’ heads of state, manage their differences on the basis of mutual respect, expand cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, and work together in pushing forward a China-US relationship based on coordination, cooperation and stability,” state-run Xinhua news agency quoted Wang as saying.

China has always been willing to resolve economic and trade differences through negotiations and consultations, which, however, should be conducted on the basis of equality, he said, adding that China, in any negotiations, must safeguard its legitimate interests, answer the calls of its people, and defend the basic norms of international relations.

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