We want Narendra Modi to become Prime Minister once again: Mulayam Singh Yadav

Feb 13 2019 04:32 PM
We want Narendra Modi to become Prime Minister once again: Mulayam Singh Yadav

New Delhi: On Wednesday, That there are no permanent enemies in politics was amply evident in Parliament when Mulayam Singh Yadav said that he would want Narendra Modi to get another term as Prime Minister. Even as the Samajwadi Party, under Mulayam's son Akhilesh, has joined hands with long-time nemesis Bahujan Samaj Party in a bid to challenge BJP, the founder of the party openly showcased his support for PM Modi. He said in Lok Sabha "We want him (Narendra Modi) to become Prime Minister once again. I congratulate him for trying to taking everyone together". Further added as , "He has done good work and nobody can raise a finger against him."

However, as Mulayam - standing right next to Sonia Gandhi - heaped praise, PM Modi smiled and folded his hands in gratitude for the words of appreciation. The words of appreciation from Mulayam come at a time when son Akhilesh has openly challenged BJP in Uttar Pradesh and has been a vocal critic of the Centre. He has even participated in mega rallies organised by opposition parties, including the one in Kolkata which was organised last month by TMC.

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All has not been well between the father and the son ever since a family feud broke out within SP. While Mulayam is the patriarch of the party, he is believed to be closer to brother Shivpal Yadav who broke away from SP to form Samajwadi Secular Morcha. Shivpal has said that SP's alliance with BSP is a blatant betrayal of what Mulayam fought against. As for Mulayam himself, he has been seen sharing the stage with Akhilesh as well as a number of opposition leaders - including Rahul Gandhi and Chandrababu Naidu - in recent months even as he has refrained from any direct attack on BJP.

In the past, however, Mulayam has minced no words in attacking Modi. Before the 2014 elections, he said BJP cannot be trusted - even calling Modi a liar and saying he does not have any vision for the country.

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