Wealth strategist and On Air Personality, Rob Luna helps people attain the American Dream!
Wealth strategist and On Air Personality, Rob Luna helps people attain the American Dream!

From the streets of Los Angeles, brought up by a drug addict single mother to a suave on-air wealth strategist on Fox Business and CNBC, Rob Luna has traversed a vast and challenging business landscape successfully. Rob Luna is an epitome of living the American Dream. Determined to rise above his mediocre standards he took his first step by acquiring good education. He earned MBA degrees in two different countries and achieved an Ivy League Alumnus education. Rob Luna, became a well-known, on air personality for weekly shows. He shared his expertise on reputed channels, in shows on subjects like the economy, stock market, wealth management etc. He has been associated with them for a decade now.

The career of Rob Luna is dotted with numerous achievements. His 22-year-old career graph includes consulting at Google, Facebook and Amazon. Rob Luna has managed the investment portfolios of the wealthiest individuals in the world. Rob Luna employed his diverse skill set and knowledge to help others by educating them on how to bridge the wealth gap. As a youngster, Rob Luna recounts how luxury was a taboo word in his family. Fancy cars and a wealthy lifestyle were all unthinkable then. However, Rob Luna was steadfast in achieving his goals, and worked hard to reach his current status. He has also set up the Rob Luna Wealth Academy. The services of the academy include business consultation, investment advice, financial literacy and mentorship. Rob Luna adds value by providing service to established clients .and imparts valuable advice for making it big financially.  

Rob Luna provides financial advice with 10$million minimum in investable assets. Rob Luna’s firm Surevest, which is a division of CI Private wealth looks into this service too. Rob Luna has carved a path for himself which is a deviation from the boring, mundane normal path. Rob Luna has created his own exciting path and focussed all his energies on that. He strongly believes that mediocrity is what most people are stuck with because they are fearful of stepping into the unknown. Rob Luna, has emerged as a role model and mentor for all those keen on pursuing the American Dream!

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