young man came to meet a female friend wearing a salwar-kameez, people beat him up
young man came to meet a female friend wearing a salwar-kameez, people beat him up

You all must know that in the last few years, there have been many cases of mob lynching in the name of a child thief in the country. Actually, this is happening till date and some people still beat people in this doubt. The same has happened recently. Yes, the matter that has recently come up is from Rajasthan where a taxi driver went to meet his female friend wearing a salwar suit and people beat him thinking him as the child thief. The atmosphere is bad about this whole incident.

This case is being told of Pali Chota district located in the middle of Rajasthan. In the Ganesh Nagar area where he parked his taxi in a secluded place and started wearing a salwar suit, but at the same time, the women of the locality were suspicious of the way of walking. After that all the women made noise. People gathered on hearing the noise of women and when people asked the taxi driver the question, he could not answer it properly. After listening to the response of the taxi driver, people beat him up. At the same time people also searched for the taxi driver but he had nothing.

After the incident, it was learned that the taxi driver had arrived in a salwar suit to meet one of his female friends. During this time, someone gave information to the police and after getting the information, the police reached the spot and rescued the taxi driver. In this case, the police say that the name of the taxi driver is being told as Mohammad Iqbal and he has been arrested for making peace in the locality.

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