Weather may change in UP, people may face problems

Feb 20 2020 06:12 PM
Weather may change in UP, people may face problems

Earlier, there was a problem due to the increasing cold, now the heat and rain of havoc seen in many places, which has led many people to face trouble. So in the change of this season, there is also a glimpse of happiness on the face of many people. But this weather can bring difficulty for Uttar Pradesh.

It is also being said that rain, showers and cloudy conditions are going to be knocked for three to four days in the surrounding areas including Lucknow and many places in the state. The partial presence of clouds in the city from Wednesday evening also indicated this. Scattered drizzle, light rain is expected on Friday and Saturday, including the capital. Director of the regional meteorological center JP Gupta said on Wednesday that a new western disturbance has been activated near Jammu and Kashmir.

According to the weather, it has been learned that due to this, seasonal changes will be seen in the state for three to four days. In the midst of all this, the sunshine on Wednesday made us feel the heat of the sharp notes of February. The day's maximum temperature was recorded at 28.6 degrees Celsius, two degrees above normal. The minimum temperature was 10.3 degrees, it was normal.

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