Website Designing & Mobile Application Development role is more crucial than ever, says Next Generation Tech Entrepreneur Parmarth Mori.

We, humans, are facing one of the biggest problems of our time Pandemic Novel Coronavirus. It has challenged us in many departments, starting with saving lives, saving the economy and how to live a healthy life again. 

I feel unfortunate for the people who lost their lives even in the 21st century where we claim so much about technology, science and medical growth. We have to accept one thing with COVID-19 that we have lost the battle in the starting phase against this virus. I hope we get a vaccine announcement soon to control the havoc of this covid-19.

Now let's talk about something inspirational as covid-19 hit us hard, but it has also given some other ways to live life. Primarily it has given alarm that we should start using technology more in business to at least control downfall of the economy worldwide.

With Covid-19 one thing is sure the business people who are using technology wisely will remain at the top in the present and future because that is the only way remaining to connect with a vast number of customers. Here the role of Website Designing & Mobile Application Development will increase much more, companies with sound knowledge top experts will rule the main business stream from now onwards. In recent time we heard about a Next Generation Tech Entrepreneur Parmarth Mori, who I feel is setting a fantastic example with his UI/UX User Interface & User Experience skills. His company, PM Communications, is doing an excellent job for companies who are seeing downside in this Pandemic. 

He is bringing a new revolution in IT Gujarat, India with that he is also allowing the best freelance content writer of Gujarat and India Jigar Saraswat and PR expert of Gujarat to showcase their talent as a content writer and as Digital Marketing expert via 25hournews and indiandailypost. 

According to the IT Entrepreneur Parmarth, it is the right time for all the digital geeks to come forward and showcase their talent. Try to create more work opportunities, save the economy from the crisis by helping businesses and also bring new techniques which can help our world live a better life with technology in the coming years.

Now people should talk about entrepreneurs too like we talk about people who are working tirelessly in hospitals, giving personal sacrifices and all. So we need more talent like Parmarth who can come forward and work for the world economy with their digital marketing skills.

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