Lemon's dominance, friends gave gifts at the wedding

In today's time, inflation is touching the sky and amidst all this, the rising prices of lemon are 'souring' the taste of the common man. The prices of lemons are getting to see a rise and now in many parts of the country, they have reached close to 400 rupees per kg. Not only this, but in many places, just one lemon is available for 10 to 15 rupees. Due to this, now people are giving lemons as a wedding gift even in the wedding marriage.

In fact, such a case has taken place in the Dhoraji town of Rajkot in Gujarat. During a wedding ceremony here, people offered lemons to the groom. In fact, the name of the person who gave the lemon gift to the bride and groom here on the most special day of their life is Dinesh. Dinesh says, "At this time, in your own state, but let's say that the prices of lemons have increased a lot in the whole country. Lemon is very much needed in this summer season. So after a lot of thought, I made this decision.''

At the wedding ceremony of the son of the Monpara family of the city, the friends gifted expensive lemons instead of money or ornaments in the sweet can. Yes and the purpose of this gift was to tell that the price of lemon has become so high that it can now be given as an expensive gift. Seeing this special gift, the smiles came on the faces of the guests who arrived at the wedding and everyone was seen laughing. At present, the matter remains part of the discussions.

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