Wear such a saree according to your height and health after marriage, you will look different

Nowadays there are a lot of weddings happening, i.e. nowadays it is the wedding season. In such a situation, girls think about looking great for marriage and they take different kinds of sarees. In such a situation, if you are also thinking about buying a saree to wear at the wedding, then you can adopt these tips because by adopting these tips, you can look beautiful.

* When buying a saree for a wedding, first of all, you should keep in mind that choose the colour of the saree that matches the colour of your skin. Yes, because it will give a very good boost to your personality altogether.

* If you are short in stature, then you should choose only the sarees with thin borders because wearing this type of saree, it will make you look somewhat tall and will help you look attractive.

* If you are healthy and have a very good body then you should wear silk or Kanjeevaram style saree. It should be in dark colours (maroon, gold, red, blue).

* If you are slim then a cotton saree will look the best on you. The puffy cotton saree will make your body feel a little heavy and this saree will make you look cute.

* If your height is normal, then you can wear silk, cotton, and Kanjeevaram in all the sarees, by doing this, you can attract everyone even more with your look.

* The most important thing to keep in mind is that while wearing a saree, never forget to pinup properly because by doing so, you will be able to handle the saree easily and will also look beautiful.

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