You can lose weight with proper sleeping pattern

Obesity has become a common problem nowadays. There are many reasons for this. Wrong diet, bad routine and stress are the main among them. Individuals adopt all kinds of measures to reduce the increasing weight. Drink more water, eat less food and also work out. But do you know that weight change can also happen by changing the time of sleep at night? It is surprising to hear, but a research has revealed that increasing weight can be controlled by taking proper sleep at night.

According to a research, if you sleep early in the evening, you can control the increasing weight. The main reason for this is catering. If you sleep early in the evening, then you take less diet. While staying up late at night you eat many times. It also happens that some people eat snacks late at night. In this case, you can avoid having extra calories gain.

For this, experts did research on two teams. In this, a team was advised to sleep in the evening. While the other team was allowed to stay late at night. The first team was also given a guideline to not take food for straight 8 hours.

After 16 weeks, the result was very surprising, the weight of the members of the team who slept in the evening reduced by 3.5 percent. While there was no reduction in the weight of the members of the other team. We should pay special attention to our sleeping pattern and try to adopt this in our life.

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