Weight Loss: You must know about the Military Diet and its impact

May 25 2019 06:10 PM
Weight Loss: You must know about the Military Diet and its impact

Obsession with weight loss is not new. Even the thinnest person you know would become uncomfortable with a slight increase in weight. The profit-driven industry has deeply affected a consumer's mind. This is because the weight loss industry has got you to believe that if you are not "thin", you do not look good.

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It is due to this marketing technique that many diets are sold purely on weight loss and nothing else. For example, any new celebrity diet would promise a-few-kilo-shed but not great hair or glowing skin or good immunity. Everything eventually boils down to only weight loss. One such new diet to enter this ever-evolving bandwagon is the military diet. Here's the how, why and what about this uber diet:

What is the military diet?

The origination of the military diet is still a question for many. Some theories state that the diet was curated by U.S military men to lose weight right before their medical tests. Another theory suggests that this diet was designed by U.S military doctors to keep its army men in shape. Even though the inception is not the point in question here, the fact remains that this diet did the rounds in the military and definitely helped people lose weight. However, this is yet to be affiliated by any institution as such.

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The diet is divided into two phases, three-day low-calorie plan and four-day normal diet plan. The idea is to repeat this cycle till the time you do not achieve your ideal weight. The diet plan promises weight loss in as much as one week and is popular with names such as army diet, ice cream diet or even low cal diet.


How does it help in losing weight?

The military diet plan typically plays on its low-calorie food list and ice cream! On the first three days, you are supposed to consume no more than 1100 to 1200 calories. This is lesser than an average person's daily consumption. The next four days are meant to follow the normal calorie intake of 1800 calories, however, many continue to stick to healthy foods during this time.


There is no hardcore rule which states you cannot eat carbs, fiber, fats, proteins or vitamins. You are allowed to eat everything, just in a very controlled proportion. The idea of eating everything but in minute quantities denotes to the weight loss bit. The calorie in and calorie out principle blends well in this diet plan and hence, makes a person lose weight faster.


Military diet is a combination of intermittent fasting on the first three days and no dieting post that.


Sample diet plan

For first three days:

Breakfast: 1 toast or 1 roti with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter or 2 boiled eggs or 1 bowl of yoghurt and a fruit with coffee or tea

Lunch: 1 toast or 1 roti or 1 bowl of rice with fish or subzi or dal with coffee or tea

Dinner: Grilled chicken or fish, greens, 1 apple or banana with 1 small cup of vanilla ice-cream.For the next four days, one can get back to their normal diet plan. However, refrain  from eating any fried or processed foods.

Pros and cons The only pro of this diet is rapid weight loss. The biggest con is that this weight loss is not sustainable and can hamper your health in the long run.

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