Weird fad: This girl goes to get a tattoo done as soon as she gets angry, got 70 tattoos done in 6 months

Today we are going to tell you about a girl from Bhopal who gets her body tattooed when she gets angry. You may not believe it, but it is true. Actually, the girl we are talking about is a 27-year-old girl and whenever she gets angry, she gets tattoos on her body to get rid of her anger. According to the information received, the girl is a resident of the old city and angrily reaches to get the tattoo done.

It is being told that there has been a change in his behavior for two-and-a-half-three years, but for 6 months, he has become obsessed with getting tattoos. The girl has got 70 tattoos on her arms, legs and other parts of the body in a span of 6 months and her moody family members are showing her to a psychiatrist. According to the information received, the psychiatrist treating the girl, Dr. Satyakant Trivedi says that she used to get permanent tattoos done on her body when she got stressed. At the same time, during the counseling, it was found that the pain caused by the tattoo makes him feel like himself. Yes and on the other hand the girl herself has also admitted that her habit of getting tattoos is not good for her health, because she does so in impulsivity. However, after this anger, she wants to come out of the craze of getting tattoos.

In this case, Dr. Satyakant Trivedi told that "the girl makes a strange art on her body. Somewhere a pistol, somewhere a snake, a chain, somewhere a spider. She also makes tattoo designs. Every time a new tattoo appears on his body in anger. The most important thing is that she is getting a permanent tattoo done on her body." Further Dr. Trivedi said that "Though the tattooing of tattoos on her body has been there for thousands of years in human civilization. Its purpose has changed a lot over time and has been a witness to the changes in the society. Earlier, evil spirits, prisoners, criminals were given adoption, but in today's time it has become a status symbol. Although psychiatrists believe that people in many mental states also get tattoos.

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