OMG! This woman takes bath only once a week

It's winter, and no one likes to bathe in this season. There are very few people who like to bathe this season. Most people prefer to bathe in hot water. Now today we are going to introduce you to a woman who doesn't like to bathe. Yes, she's an England woman and this woman likes to bathe only once a week. We are talking about Natalie King, 49, from Dorset, England, who doesn't like bathing at all.

You will be surprised to know that Natalie is a teacher by profession, yet she is ignoring hygiene. Her husband Jamie is a  plumber, although Natalie still runs far away from the water. According to a report on a famous website, this woman bathes only once a week. Yes, and also uses deodorant only once. Now think for yourself what her body must smell like. But it does not affect Natalie. Natalie says that her husband Jamie has designed a beautiful bathroom for her. Amazing use of bubble bath and lighting has been done in this.

But still, She doesn't like to take a bath. Natalie sprinkles perfume in her clothes to prevent her body from stinking. She uses cotton to clean her armpits. Most importantly, even her husband does not pressurize her to take a bath every day.

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