Simple Ways To Keep Hair Tangle-Free

Jul 19 2019 04:31 PM
Simple Ways To Keep Hair Tangle-Free

If you use a blow-dry daily to dry your hair, make sure that it is very harmful to your hair. You should also use other methods to resolve your hair so that they are not harmed. Instead you use air drawing. It doesn't even make your hair tangled and looks good. Let us know about it. Different ways are different for hair.

For thin straight hair: If your hair is thin and straight, you can apply a live-in conditioner. First, spray the conditioner at the end of the hair and then massage it lightly and spread it to the hair roots. It doesn't complicate hair at all and looks great. If you spray directly on the hair roots, it makes the hair look sticky.

For thick straight hair: If your hair is thick and straight, you should use a little heavy product to make the hair look oily. When using an air dryer, apply mild serum oil to your hair.

For thin wavy hair: If your hair is thin and wavy type, apply a conditioner so that the hair is not over-sticking and bent.

For coarse wave hair: Thick and high-heavy weave hair should not be washed too much as it is prone to hair entanglement. To avoid this, spray with a live-in conditioner from the hair roots to the end after air drying.

For curly hair: You can also use curl cream to protect your curly hair from tangling so that their shape does not deteriorate for long. Use your fingers while creaming in your hair. When the hair is dried completely, use a few drops of oil from the top to increase the shine.

Tip: Use a microfiber towel instead of a cotton towel while drying your hair. The fibers present in this towel help the hair to dry quickly.

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