'What 4 years, are ready to join the army even for 4 days..', tremendous enthusiasm among the youth about 'Agneepath'

Lucknow: On one hand some youths are burning public properties in the country regarding Agneepath scheme, while on the other hand an atmosphere has started building in support of Agniveer. In Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, tremendous enthusiasm is being seen among the youth regarding the Agneepath scheme. The youth of Barabanki district, when asked about this scheme, said whether they are ready to join the army for four years or even four days. However, there is a demand of these youths that they should be provided reservation in jobs.

There is a demand of these youths that they should get priority under reservation, so that after four years when they retire from the army, they can get another job. On the other hand, the number of such youth is also very high, who are demanding to conduct the pending examination in the army. Every year thousands of children prepare for the army in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh. There are many questions in their mind regarding the Agneepath scheme brought by the government, especially these questions about their future. However, these youths say that they are not disappointed or disheartened about the Agneepath scheme, but are seeing it as a positive initiative.

These youths say that they are ready to join the army for four years, even for four days. Their only concern is that what will happen to their future after four years? Let us tell you that the governments of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Assam have announced to give priority to firefighters in the state police. It has been announced by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Defense to give 10 percent reservation to Agniveers in their recruitments. With the passage of time, many avenues will open for Agniveers.

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