Sex with your ex, know what its best benefits are!

Sep 30 2019 03:24 PM
Sex with your ex, know what its best benefits are!

In normal life, relationships are often disturbed. But their stress does not leave the chase so soon. The happier you are in a relationship, the more stress you feel after it breaks. Many people are unable to find a way out of this tension. In research for these, scientists have made a different suggestion. Let us know what is that tip of recovering from the tension that has arisen after the breakup.

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Reports in a medical journal say, if you have sex with your ex-partner, it will help you get out of your relationship and its stress. Researchers said that those who did this also had less stress than others. It also helped them to think positively in their future. This claim is not being made at all. Rather intensive studies have been done for this. That too not once but twice. This research included people who had a breakup and were unable to feel relaxed.

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More than a hundred such people were involved in the research. In this, a wide variety of questions were asked. Like if one is still emotionally attached to their ex-partner, it was also asked that if you had sex with him recently, if so how did they feel. The research found that negotiating with an ex-partner made matters worse. Whereas sex helped to create a positive atmosphere. Those who had sex with the ex-partner were able to get out of the tension quickly.

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