BABA VANGA:The Future Forecaster !

Have you ever heard of clairvoyants, fortune teller, prophet or seer, well all of us know about them in bits and pieces but we don’t cross them in regular life? Some people believe them but some need proofs and facts.

BABA VANGA, blind prophetess from Bulgaria origin, who had made serious fortune forecasts that turned true later on, died 20 years ago in the year 1996. Here are list of predictions she made will run a chill through your spine.

1. Last president of US will be African-American

2. Europe will come to an end by 2016

3. Muslims will conquer Europe

4. Super power of future will be China

5. Starvation will be eliminated in between 2025 to 2028

6. Human race will reach on Venus

7. Rome will be capital of Europe.

8. Global warming will melt ice caps completely by 2045

9. Human body organs will be reproduced.

10. US will attack Muslim ruled Europe.

11. Socialism will return by 2076.

12. There will be civilizations inside water by 2136.

13. The end of Earth by 3797 but Human race will move to another planet.

Oh my god!! This is so fascinating.

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