Umar Riaz big revelation about his relationship with Rashmi Desai

Umar Riaz, who was a contestant on the country's popular reality show Bigg Boss 15, has been in the news ever since he walked out of the show. Till yesterday, people knew him as the brother of Asim Riaz. Today, the same Umar has become a star for the audience. Umar has shared many things related to his life after coming out of the Bigg Boss house.

The same Bigg Boss 14 trophy may go in anyone's hand, but for the fans, the winner is Umar Riaz. Umar would never have thought that he would get so much love from the people after he stepped out. Umar is very happy to see the love of the fans. Well, now let's come to his love story. Some reports suggest that Umar Riaz is dating 'Love School 4' winner Manpreet Kaur.

Umar Riaz has put a brake on all these rumours and told the truth about his relationship with Manpreet Kaur. Umar says Manpreet is only a good friend of his. Umar has said that 'if you are someone's friend, follow them on Instagram. He also likes her photos. But that doesn't mean something is going on between the two.' Umar says, 'Manpreet is nothing more than a good friend.' Seeing the growing closeness of Umar and Rashmi Desai in the Bigg Boss house, it seemed that the two would get out and give a name to their relationship. But there is nothing like that in Umar's mind. In an interview, Umar Riaz described Rashmi Desai as his good friend. Umar says, 'I don't want to be in a relationship right now. I just want to focus on work. A lot is going on in my mind right now. And I don't have time for a relationship right now.'

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