What happens that Seven people died in seven-hour?

Feb 05 2019 08:20 PM
What happens that  Seven people died in seven-hour?

Mumbai: Last Sunday might have just been one of the worst days in the history of Central Railways. Seven people were killed in various accidents that took place along the Central Railways route in just seven hours. The accident took place at the Thane-Dombivali-Airoli Railway track on Sunday morning. A local man died while trying to cross the railway track in between Thane and Mulund. He was hit by the train.

While It was the first accident that took place at around 6 in the morning. At around 8 am, the body of a 50-year-old man was found between Thane and Airoli station. It is an approximation that his death was caused after he too was hit by a local train hit. Just after a  meters away from this accident, at around 9 am, 20-year-old Rahul Chauhan's dead body was found. The police said that the younth was walking on the railway track from Thane station when the local train hit him and he died.

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In another part, 44-year-old Akesh Padiyal also died in a railway accident. Akesh was going from Ghatkopar to Nalasopara via Thane. His body was found on platform number 5 at the Thane Station. According to the police, he might have died after trying to catch a moving train. In Kopar, three from a family - 26-year-old Preeti Rane, her two-year-old son Livesh and her relative Sunita Bangale also died while crossing the railway track.

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