What happened when Bali came in front of Mahabali Hanuman?

Jun 13 2019 06:58 PM
What happened when Bali came in front of Mahabali Hanuman?

We have all heard that King Bali was the one who had come before him, and half his power went into the front body. Today, we are going to tell us what happened when Hanuman Ji had come to Bali... Let us know.

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The story- Bali boasted that no one could beat the world, or nobody could cope with it. It was a day of Rambhakta Hanuman doing austerity in one. In the meantime, the people of Bali, who were in the power of their strength, came to the forest and shouted out who could beat me, someone drank the milk of the mother who would fight me. Hanumanji were doing penance by chanting Ram's name in the same one. The shouting of Bali was a disturbing obstacle to his austerity. He said to Bali, "Ape Raj you are super-powerful, nobody can beat you, but why are you shouting like this? It erupted to hear Bali. He had challenged Hanuman and I could even have lost his devotion to him. The joke of RAM saw the wrath of Hanuman and he accepted Bali's challenge. It was decided that there would be a dangal between the two after sunrise on the next day. The next day, Hanuman was ready for Dangal and the Brahmaji appeared before him. He tried to convince Hanuman not to accept Bali's challenge. But Hanumanji said that he had challenged my Lord Sriram. Now if I reject his ransom, what will the world understand?

So he will have to teach him a lesson. Hearing this, Brahmaji said: "Well, you go for Dangal, but take the 10th part of your power, devote yourself to the remaining adorable stage. To regain this power by returning from Dangal. It was hanumanji to hear and take a tenth of his total strength and walk from Bali to Dangal. In the arena of Dangal, Hanumanji as soon as he stepped in front of Bali, according to Brahmaji's blessing, half of the power of Hanumanji was in Bali's body. It started to feel immense power in Bali's body. He felt as if a sea of strength was taking place in the body. After a few moments, Bali felt as if the veins of his body was bursting and the blood was about to get out.

Suddenly, the Brahmaji appeared there, and he told Bali to keep himself alive and to flee away from Hanuman immediately, otherwise your body would burst. Bali did not understand, but he brahmaji to see that there was something wrong and he was quick to flee. He was relieved after going too far. The body began to lighten. Then he saw Brahmaji standing before him. Then Brahmaji said that you consider yourself to be the most powerful in the world, but your body is not able to handle a small part of the power of Hanuman.

I want to tell you that Hanuman had come to fight you with his 10th part of his power. Think what happens if you come across the whole part? Bali understood that I had made a great mistake. Later, Bali bowed down to Hanumanji and, even with the unfathomable force, Hanumanji remain calm and sing Rambhajan, and I am one who was not even equal to one of his hairs and had a challenge. Excuse me, Hanuman.

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