People are immersed in Hashish, Charas, Cocaine, know what is a RAVE party?

The Narcotics Control Bureau raided a cruise ship from Mumbai to Goa last Saturday and busted a high profile rave party. As part of the information received, a large number of drugs have also been recovered during this period, however, it cannot be termed as the first case as many such cases have been reported in the past. As part of the information received, there are so many such rave parties every day in many cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru where there is a complete arrangement of debauchery openly. Everything happens here with alcohol, drugs and dancing. This cocktail party is held in a very secret manner which no one can even notice. Tell you that these rave parties are mostly held away from congestion.

What happens is the Rave Party- There is a huge trend of rave parties in the world and it is growing very fast. It is believed that these parties started in the 80s and 90s. Talking about what a rave party is, the rave party means a festival full of enthusiasm and fun. Illegal drugs are used in these parties. All this happens in a very secret manner and these parties are full of nobles. Loud music plays here. Everyone is drunk. During this time richer gets drunk and dances all night. Money flows heavily into these parties and these parties are very lottery-like for drug peddlers.

What drugs are used- Not everyone can attend rave parties. In fact, you have to pay a hefty sum to go to these parties. Drugs like Ganja, Hashish, Cocaine, LSD, mephedrone are used at these parties. Tell you that more of these drugs can last for about 7 to 8 hours and most of the drugs at rave parties are provided by their employers. These parties have a large number of boys and girls and here every one is seen doing everything with each other.

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