What is Developmental Immunology? Kanury Rao Explains

It is interesting to note that there is a field of immunology that looks at the immune system right from birth. This field can be understood as developmental immunology. A number of processes are seen when this field is focused on by immunologists, as is explained by Kanury Rao. Further, he has said that for knowing that an individual's gut is healthy or needs improvement, understanding developmental immunology becomes vital.

Who is Kanury Rao?

Kanury Rao is an Indian Immunologist and was the head of Drug Discovery Research Centre at the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute Faridabad. Mr. Rao is also known for his studies in the field of peptide synthesis and cell signaling and the design of synthetic peptide vaccines. 

Understanding What Developmental Immunology Means

When the immune system of a human develops, it is studied as a part of developmental immunology. Immunologists have come to opine that several factors are involved when this system is developed. In developmental immunology, processes including the development of immune cells are also studied. 

The immunology professional, Mr. Rao has shared that developmental immunology is a scientific branch. It focuses on important processes such as the interaction between immune cells and antigen or even foreign cells. Kanury Rao has additionally said that when medical experts need to understand the development of allergies, this branch has to be studied for this purpose as well.

Developmental immunology is also important for studying the relationship between the immune system and nutrition. It should be observed that this branch focuses on how the system develops. In doing so, the effect of nutrition on the immune system is looked at, as is also said by Mr. Rao. Immunologists can see how good nutrition helps the immune system to properly grow. Likewise, they also get to observe the effect of lack of nutrition on the immune system. On the basis of this observation, it is found whether or not an individual’s immune system is healthy.

How does Developmental Immunology Begin?

Developmental immunology can start occurring when an infant is born. With the infant, the immune system starts to develop. Although the system does not completely develop, its development process sees a beginning. The duration between the birth of the infant and the completion of the first year is important. In this duration, the immune system starts entering phases that help in its maturing. For the proper development of the immune system, successfully passing these phases can be essential. The immunologist, Kanury Rao, has added that when these phases are not completed, the immune system may receive a negative impact. 

What is the Purpose of Studying Developmental Immunology?

According to immunologists, developmental immunology can be useful when the defense system of humans needs to be observed right from the beginning. This is the main purpose of the branch. In addition to this, for understanding the effect of multiple processes on the immune system, this branch of immunology becomes important.


In the end, it can be said that developmental immunology is very important to be understood. Without studying it, knowing the effects on the immune system right from birth can be hard. Also, when an individual needs to improve his or her immunity, this branch of immunology can help in supplying the required knowledge.

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