What is 'Green Dating'? Which is increasing in India
What is 'Green Dating'? Which is increasing in India

Recently, World Environment Day was celebrated on June 5 and this year couples were also seen raising awareness about the environment. Even those who love dating online expressed that they prefer to walk in the park, take part in outdoor activities or walk in their neighbourhood. It has also come to light that couples gifted each other things that keep the environment safe as gifts, which came out in trend as green dating. These days the trend of 'green dating' is gaining momentum in India. Data from the women's dating app, Bumble, shows that the badge of 'environmentalism' in India is one of the most preferred seeds for profiles. More than a quarter (28 percent) of people who have recently added badges to their dating profiles opted for 'environmentalism'. People are liking to hang out with their partners in an open-air and green environment. That's what Green Dating is.

There is an increasing trend of gifts:-
It is everyone's duty to protect the environment and if you explain its importance to your partner, they also feel great to know it. These days many couples gift their partner reusable coffee mugs, sustainable bags or indoor plants due to dating as it not only promotes environmentalism within them but also encourages them to walk that path.

Picnic is a great outdoor:-
When was the last time you had a picnic with your friends by laying a sheet in a park? In the era when people most prefer to sit in cafes or restaurants, you can plan an outdoor garden picnic with your partner, which will help them impress with your environmental awareness.  

Also interested in romantic walks and cycling:-
You must have noticed that these days people go anywhere, they like to do cycling, which gives them full opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and stay healthy. Sitting in a car and getting stuck in traffic can also be very boring. In its place, you can also choose a cycling date as an adventure. This does not only change your lifestyle but also makes you more active than before. Your partner will be happy to see it.

The importance of the environment is as follows:-
These days couples want to plant more and more trees in their homes. Many even do the work of planting trees on their birthdays and motivate their partner for it. You must have noticed that now whenever the companions go to see a flat, they definitely look for a place for the trees and the greenery around them and if they do not see that kind of environment, they hesitate to take this type of house.

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