So this is why the International Day of Democracy is celebrated

Democracy is a system in which citizens of any country use their right to choose a representative. Democracy means no king or slave. Everybody is given every right to make his point. The International Day of Democracy is celebrated on September 15 every year. The famous thinker Abraham Likan defined it as saying that democracy means the rule of the people. The main objective of Democracy Day is to promote democracy all over the world.

Let us tell you that international democracy day was started by the United Nations General Assembly in 2007. International Day and Democracy are first celebrated in 2008. Under which good governance has to be implemented in every corner of the world. India can be called the largest democracy in the world because about 60 crore people are elect the Government using their votes. There are two types of democracy all over the world. One is the parliamentary system of governance and the second is the presidential system of governance. But in both systems, the people exercise their franchise to elect the people's representatives of their country who work for the people. India, Canada, England and Australia also include parliamentary governance. There is a presidential system of governance in America. In the President's system of governance, all decisions are taken by the President. Whereas in a parliamentary system of governance, the President does not have this power.

After India became independent in 1947, the Constituent Assembly unanimously expressed its desire to form a democratic country. The first election was held in 1951-1952. Democracy is the link that binds the country in one thread even after so much diversity. Under democracy, anyone who is not satisfied with the work of the Government can be made public. Our protest can also be expressed peacefully.

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