what is La Nina effect after all? India to get bone-chilling cold

New Delhi: The monsoon has finally bid farewell from India. The monsoon usually returns from all over India by October 15, but this time its return is delayed. Not only that, it is now speculated that the cold in India this year will also be more chilly among the people. The Indian Meteorological Department also says that this year's cold is going to be more intense than in the last few years.

This estimate is being made due to weather changes in the remote Pacific Ocean. Which will have an impact on the world. These changes are coming due to the La Nina effect. La Nina is a Spanish word, which means little girl. It is part of a complex process, the El Nino Southern Isolation (ENSO) cycle, which occurs in the Pacific Ocean, affecting the weather all over the world. The second part of this process is called El Nino (a young child in Spanish) which has the opposite effect as La Nina.

The entire cycle plays an important role in the geography of the Pacific Ocean, extending from the Mountains of the United States to Asia and Australia. ENSO brings unusual changes in water and air to the surface of the Pacific Ocean. It affects the precipitation, temperature and forms of air communication all over the world. While La Nina is seen as the cold effect of ENSO, El Nino is seen as the heat-bringing effect.

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