It's very important for today's children to know these things related to 'Sanchayika,' know what's the importance of this day

September 15 is celebrated as Sanchayika (School Banking) Day across India every year to promote money-saving habits among students. On Sanchayika Day, school students are celebrated to promote savings and make them aware of the banking system. It explains the benefits of savings. Sanchayika Day is still not celebrated in most schools in India, but as awareness increases, people are understanding the banking benefits and its usefulness, so this day must be celebrated in every school and college.

Importance of Sanchayika Day:-

To encourage the habit of saving money among students at an early age.
To be aware of banking facilities and activities.
Students will be able to learn money management only in the early days of their lives.
To inform about savings and its benefits.

Students and their parents should also be taught about the banking system and money-saving on Sanchayika Day. Students should be explained the benefits of net banking, mobile banking, and cashless money transfer so that they can do their banking work easily. Even today, banking in India has to wait in long queues for hours to do banking work because people are not aware. If you look at big cities, banks are not crowded because most people use net banking or mobile banking. Which saves a lot of time.

Sanchayika Bank: Let us tell you that the Sanchayika banks are mainly connected to students. The scheme opens bank accounts for students and encourages them to save at a young age. Students are aware of the importance of banks and savings in daily life. In the early 1970s, the Indian Government had provided a banking facility in the school as a Sanchayika under national savings for students.

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