Sawan 2020: Know the significance of Lord Shiva's 'Tripund'

The month of Sawan is dear to Shiva and worshipping Lord Shiva is considered fruitful in this month. Today we will give you information about Tripund which Lord Shiva wears on his body. 

What is Tripund?

In all the places of the frontal body, three slanted lines are made from the ash, it is called Tripund. From the middle of the eyebrows to the end of the eyebrows, it is considered best to wear it. The method of holding it is that the line drawn with thte help of middle finger, forefinger and ring finger is called Tripund.

According to the Shiva Purana, each of the three lines of Tripunda has nine deities. According to the Shiva Purana, the first line of Tripund consists of the first syllable Akar, Garhapatya Agni, Prithvi, Dharma, Rajyog, Rigveda, Kriya Shakti, Pratham Sawan and Mahadev. Also, in its second line, the second letter of Pranava is inhabited by Ukaar, Dakshinagni, Akash, Satvaguna, Yajurveda, Madhyandinsavan, and Maheshwar. In the last and third line, the third letter of Pranava is Makar, Agni, Paramatma, Tamoguna, Dulok, Jnanashakti, Samaveda, Tirthasavan and Shiva, these 9 gods reside.

We should put Tripunda on 32, 16, 8 or 5 places of our body. This includes the head, forehead, both ears, both eyes, both nostrils, mouth, jugular, both hands, both elbows, both wrists, heart, both lobes, navel, both testicles, both femurs, both gulfs, both knees, both calves and both These 32 best places have been described. On these, you can wear Tripund. Due to lack of time, if you cannot apply it in so many places, then you must wear it in five places on the forehead, both arms, heart and navel.

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