What is the Best SIP app in India?

Feb 18 2020 06:05 PM
What is the Best SIP app in India?

SIP or Systematic Investment Plan has become a popular choice among investors over the years. The reason behind SIP being such a popular choice is the assistance that it provides to become a disciplined investor. The investment process has been made easier with the help of SIP apps.  Nowadays, a direct mutual fund app can help an investor to manage an investment plan with ease. These apps can be accessed through tabs or mobiles. They help in finding the best SIP for you and also in managing them.

What is a SIP app?

Systematic Investment Plan, abbreviated as SIP is a scheme where an investor can deposit a certain amount for a specific tenure to earn a good return. SIP apps give access to SIP options available in the market. Some of the best online investment apps present in the application stores can help you to maintain a SIP.

Best SIP app in India

When it comes to the best SIP app in India, you can surely consider the applications mentioned below. The applications mentioned here are comprised of some exciting features that any investor dealing with a SIP would find convincing. Here, you would be able to know about the best SIP plans that the apps provide. You can also get to know about the features the following applications provide.

Groww App

Groww is one of the most sought after applications when it comes to SIP investment online. It is totally free and you can straight away start investing in this app. The Groww app is found in all leading app stores. The features that you can enjoy while using the Groww app for SIP investment are given below.

Features of Groww App

1) Complete security with the SIP investments
2) No extra or hidden charges are present in the Groww app
3) Ability to access the application at any point in time
4) All the history of your SIP payments will be quickly accessible in the Groww app
5) Feature of opening a family account from Groww app when it comes to SIP investment

Due to the above features, it is beneficial for investors to use the Groww app for SIP investment. It is always advisable for the users to timely update the application in order to get seamless service.   

MyCAMS Mutual Fund App

MyCAMS mutual fund app is well-known for the diversified mutual funds it handles. The majority of these mutual funds are direct in nature where you can easily invest in one of the best SIP plans. It also lets you check the latest offers of any mutual fund. The top-notch mutual funds that you can put money on when using the MyCAMS mutual fund app are ICICI Prudential, HDFC mutual fund, HSBC mutual fund, SBI mutual fund,  Kotak mutual fund and many more. The features that you can enjoy while investing in using the MyCAMS app are mentioned below.

Features of MyCAMS

1) Access to the investment within seven days of registration
2) Ease to take the NFOs at any time with MyCams
3) Effortless submission of the e-mandate registration from
4) Easy management of multiple SIP investments

MyCams is best known among the investors as it provides numerous options when it comes to reputed direct mutual funds fit for SIP investment. The thing you need to remember is to deposit the amount of your investment account on time and be aware of the return that you would get.


ETmoney is owned by the Times of India group and one of the leading options to choose when it comes to SIP applications. With the help of ETmoney, you can manage all your spendings related to the SIP investment from one platform. As a result, you might get a good opportunity to save a lot of time when it comes to SIP investment. The salient features of ETmoney are given in brief below.

Features of ETmoney

1) No brokerage fee is present in the ETmoney app
2) All SIP investments can be managed with the ETmoney application in a single platform
3) ETmoney makes sure that you can get the best returns from the SIP investment

You can always rely on ETmoney as an investor because it does not take any hidden charges. Moreover, it is owned by a reputed mother organization and you can be ensured about the complete security of the money. Before choosing a direct mutual fund for SIP investment, try to check its history and market existence. Choose the mutual fund that has less risk and has incurred good returns.  


The MoneyOnApp application for SIP is one of the leading SIP applications that can help you to get excellent investment options. You can get hold of such mutual funds where you will be able to enjoy tax features under the guidelines of Section 80 C of the Income Tax Act 1961. The leading features of MoneyOnApp for SIP investment is mentioned in a nutshell below.

Features of MoneyOnApp

1)) MoenyOnApp gives the opportunity to invite your friends to invest in the SIP and earn extra money
2) MoneyOnApp has a user-friendly interface that will help you to invest in the SIP

The MoneyOnApp has earned the place among the best SIP investment apps because of its user-friendliness. If you are totally new to SIP investment, try checking the MoneyOnApp as you will get a chance to learn about the basic techniques of investment.

When you look for the best SIP investment app in India, the above-mentioned applications will surely attract you. SIP investment is gaining popularity because it ensures a systematic and regular investment. Moreover, technological advancements have given way to easy handling of an investment plan. You can take help from any mutual fund investment app to achieve your investment goals. The basic benefit that SIP investment provides is an elevated return compared to any other investment plan.  When choosing the best app for  SIP investment online, you must check the reviews provided by the users. The reviews are available on the app store itself. Furthermore, proper research about a specific digital mutual fund app will provide you with information regarding the market presence of the application and how efficiently it is providing the returns to the investors. Always remember that a SIP investment cannot provide you with a consistent return. However, if you choose a mutual fund having lower risk, there will be higher chances for you to get a decent amount. It was easy to find mutual funds online, but the apps have made it even easier.     

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