This was the daughter of Lord Krishna; know more

Nov 30 2019 10:20 PM
This was the daughter of Lord Krishna; know more

There are many stories around the world which you must have heard, may or may not have read. In such a situation, everyone knows Lord Krishna and worships him, but do you know that he also had a daughter. Yes, it has been told in Mahabharata that Shri Krishna had married Rukmani, the daughter of King Bhishmak of Vidarbha, Rukmani as per her own wish. It is said that Rukmini was the first wife of Lord Krishna, and the last of them, Rukmini gave birth to two sons.

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While being her first wife, she was also the eldest and leading queen among all the queens, and according to the Mahabharata, Sri Krishna and Rukmini gave birth to 10 sons named Pradyumna, Charudeshna, Sudeshna, Charudeh, Sucharu, Charagupta, Bhadracharu, Charuchandra, Sochu and Charu and both of these also gave birth to a daughter named Charumati. It is said that Lord Sri Krishna and Rukmani also had a daughter named Charumati, about whom it is little but mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana.

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Nowhere is any particular written about Charumati, but it is reported that "After the end of the fight, Kritavarma reunited the Pandavas and Charamuti was married to his son Bali." Nothing has been completely clarified about this anywhere.

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