What is the size of Madhya Pradesh?

Question: Through  how many districts of Madhya Pradesh does the Tropic of Cancer pass?

Answer:  14 districts

Question:  What is the area of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer: 308252 sq. km

Question:  How many states does the border of Madhya Pradesh touch?

Answer: Five States

Question: What is the size of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer: Of a sitting camel

Question: Which is the district which forms the most inter-state border of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer: Neemuch

Question: Which is the largest state (as per the region) in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer- Rajasthan

Question: What kind of rocks have the largest extent in Madhya Pradesh?

North-Archean rocks

Question:  M.P. from Nagpur in Maharashtra. Which rock group is found up to Chhindwara?

Answer-  Sauncer Order

Question-  What type of rock was formed by the deposition of the Dharwad rock group

Answer-  Puran Sangha (Kadapa- Vindhyan Rock Group)

Question:  By what name are the upper and lower rocks of the Gwalior undertaking known?

Answer: The upper rocks are called Morar and the lower rocks are called par.

Question: Goodwill or Sadbhavana Shikhar is in which district?

Answer- Damoh

Question: In which large group is the Gondwana rock group included?

Answer: Arya Shaal Group

Where is mangal giri jain pilgrimage site?

Where is the silk market in Madhya Pradesh?

Which is the first dance of the country to be included in the Guinness Book?

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