Fan's madness for Prabhas, climbed Mobile Tower

Fan's madness for Prabhas, climbed Mobile Tower

The fans of Baahubali actor Prabhas take the form of insanity many times and now have seen something similar again.  Prabhas's Die Hard Fan on Wednesday in the movement of Telangana, which has surprised everyone. This fan, seeking to meet Prabhas, climbed the mobile tower. His fan also threatened to jump from the tower if he did not meet Prabhas.

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Pictures of Prabhas's Crazy Fan climbing the mobile tower have also surfaced on social media yesterday. The Times of India reported, the fan climbed the mobile tower and threatened to jump from there. He said that if the meeting with his Prabhas was not arranged, he would jump from the phone tower. The police and the people present there tried to convince the fan, but the fan refused to come down.

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However, information about how this matter was handled later has not been revealed. Whether Prabhas has been told about this incident or not, no news has been received yet.

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