Everything Will Be good if you offer These 5 Things To Bholenath In Sawan

Jul 24 2019 04:20 PM
Everything Will Be good if you offer These 5 Things To Bholenath In Sawan

The month of Sawan is going on and every devotee is painted in the devotion of Bholenath. It is said that in this month Shivji hears the call of the devotees early and Savan is the month when Bholenath comes from heaven to visit the earth.

Because of this, not only Monday but during this whole month, Shiv Puja is important and you should worship Shiv throughout this month. At this time, after Aarti, prasad is also offered in Shiv Puja and this prasad has its own significance. Today, we are going to tell you about the offerings that are offered to Bholenath, the reward of 100 births and the destruction of sins. Let us know.

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Yoghurt-Sugar candy: It is said that Dahi and misri are considered to be very good and tasty and offering it and eating it adds sweetness to your life. Well, you can add a little honey to it if you wish.

Sabudana khichdi: Well everyone makes it here on Mondays and you can offer it to Lord Shiva every Monday. Giving a delicious khichdi as prasad gives lots of blessings.

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Sweets: Shivji says he loves sweets and is considered to be extremely auspicious to offer yellow sweets.

Fruits: It is also auspicious to give fruit in the form of Prasadi, as it not only pleases the lords but also gives a little relief to the devotees in fasting. You can offer bananas, grapes, apple or mix fruits.

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Coconut: It is said that cumins or coconuts are most commonly offered and are offered to the rest of the Gods besides Shivji. They are an auspicious fruit that provides good luck on giving to god.

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