What will 'Garuda' do to ensure the safety of Kadru's sons? The team reached Indore answered all the questions

Indore: Sony SAB's mythological show 'Dharma Yoddha' Garuda has been a consistent success in grabbing the attention of its fans with its intriguing storyline and varied characters. From showcasing the unique mother-son bond to introducing us to unknown or little known characters from Indian scriptures to tell untold tales of sacrifice, perseverance and dedication, this serial has presented a completely different experience on Indian television. Garuda (Faizal Khan) along with his co-stars Vinta (Toral Rasputra), Kadru (Parul Chauhan) and Kalia (Ankit Raj) arrived in Indore city today to talk about his success so far. All the actors met their fans here and had a fun day with them.

Born into slavery, Garuda grows up with the sole purpose of freeing his mother from subjugation. In order to fulfill his oath to return his mother's honor, Garuda embarks on a daring journey from Surya Lok to bring Sunflower to Kadru, with the hope that Kadru will now think of freeing his mother Vinata from slavery. Garuda not only receives the sun flower, but also receives a boon from Shani Dev, from which he can change his shape according to his wish. However, despite achieving his goal, Garuda returns to discover that his Nagabandhus hidden in their wings have been half-burnt by the heat of the sun god, and their condition is blamed on Garuda and his mother Vinata. What will Garuda do to ensure the safety of Kadru's sons?

With interesting upcoming events, 'Dharma Yoddha Garuda' promises to present to the viewers some unknown stories hidden in the pages of history. Faisal Khan playing the role of Garuda said, “I am getting to learn so much while playing this character that it cannot be described in words. Every new chapter brings with it a new challenge and I try to perform to the best of my ability. As a team, we are trying our best to ensure that the authenticity of our mythology is not compromised and we keep on entertaining. I am delighted to be in Indore today and interact closely with our fans. The excitement of the audience is a testament to the good work we have done and we promise to continue it.

At the same time, Toral Rasputra, who plays the role of Vinta, says, 'I love to touch on different aspects of Vinta's character. Superficially the character feels weak and suppressed, but Vinata is the strongest, as she knows all the secrets, but is hiding them for the betterment of her son. Her character is also one of the most selfless characters in Indian mythology and I hope I am able to do justice to this character. I am really excited to be in Indore today with my best fellow cast members and happy to see the love and support I am getting from here.

Parul Chauhan, essaying the role of the vicious Kadru said, “It is satisfying and creatively satisfying to play a complex character like Kadru as an actor. It takes a lot of mental preparation to play such a jealous and negative character, for which ruling matters the most. For this, one has to first bring cruelty within, which I am enjoying the most. I am glad that I am portraying the character of Kadru well and making the audience believe in her. I look forward to having a pleasant day in Indore and interacting with my fans.

At the same time, Ankit Raj, who played the role of Kalia, said, 'The best thing about playing the role of Kalia is that she has no regrets about being bad. He has an innate hatred for Garuda, his pride goes with him and he leaves no stone unturned to make his brother's life miserable. It is wonderful to receive so much love from the audience and we promise to live up to their expectations. I am excited to have a lot of fun with my fellow actors and fans in Indore today and make them a part of my journey.

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