Whatsapp shuts down millions account, this is the number

Jun 14 2019 11:24 AM
Whatsapp shuts down millions account, this is the number

Whatsapp has faced many difficulties over the past year on its platform. Even after a number of tough steps, the company has not been able to completely stop bulk and misleading messages on its platform. Yet the company blocks the account of bulk texting on its platform, but now the company is moving one step further. Whatsapp is now going to a new kind of action against accounts.

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Legal action against the person or entity will be from December 7, Facebook that violates their rules. However, the company has not made it clear at the moment what kind of legal action will be taken on bulk messaging or individual activity from personal use.

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For your information, the company has been fighting against bulk messages and automated behavior for the past few months. In a white paper, the company wrote that we have built some machine learning systems to detect abusive behavior and suspicious accounts at the time of registration and at the time of messaging. Based on user reports, we have taken over 2 million accounts per month. Even during the Lok Sabha elections 2019, some restrictions were imposed on users through bulk messaging to prevent the company from spreading misinformation.


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