WHATS APP: If data is stolen then this is the compensation, know what is the provision in the law
WHATS APP: If data is stolen then this is the compensation, know what is the provision in the law

Everyday data theft issues are being seen and heard, due to which users are feeling insecure. If the users want then they can assume damages by filing an issue for these companies in the court if personal information is leaked. He can also hold the government responsible.

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In many countries like America, UK, these Internet companies have been charged billions of rupees in the issue of tampering with the privacy of customers. Cyber expert Pawan Duggal says that under Section 75 of the IT Act 2011, it is clear whether a tech company is in India or not, but will be responsible if it is offering services on computers, mobiles or other mediums within the country.

Sections 43 and 43 of the same law can take damages from such companies. Under the class suit action, the company can become obliged to pay damages to all the aggrieved users. At the same time, cybersecurity expert Monique Mehra has said that the user needs to be vigilant with strict laws for responsibility.

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According to sources, the Supreme Court had last year considered the right to privacy in the right to live in Justice Puttaswamy vs Union of India. If this right is violated, a writ petition will be filed for relief from the government. It will be filed under Article 226 in the High Court and Article 32 in the Supreme Court.

According to the information received, cyber experts say that Internet companies or social media sites cannot avoid accountability by arguing to have headquarters or servers in America or any other country. Under Section 79 of the IT Act, WhatsApp and Internet companies have the responsibility to take full care of the privacy of the user.

However, users also need to be cautious. According to cybersecurity expert Monique Mehra, when we install or sign any software, app or feature of an Internet company, then there are all the terms and conditions attached to them, which nobody reads. 

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Be careful :

1. Keep the app updated: Update the app on all operating systems and better keep it on auto-update mode, which will be updated over WiFi or Internet. These updates reduce security-related deficiencies.

2. Don't forget authentication: Two-factor authentication also improves security. Fingerprints, passwords, and PINs become an addition to security. Social sites like WhatsApp, Wallet can make it easy to use in all.

3. Play Store: If there are important documents, anti-virus, if you use a normal app, then an update from the Play Store is sufficient. But if someone uses sensitive or important files or data then an anti-virus can be taken.

4. Do not approve without knowing: While downloading an app from the Play Store, approval for accessing SMS, media, photos, camera in addition to location is sought. Note whether gaming is needed in most apps or not. Do not give any access to the normal app.

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