WhatsApp banned over 20 lakh users, find out what's the whole matter

Social media applications have been put on high alert to combat individuals propagating false information and unsettling news on social media, and have been observed taking harsh measures on a regular basis. In this episode, Facebook's private firm WhatsApp cancelled over 2 million accounts totally in October. WhatsApp has already begun to adhere to the new IT policy. WhatsApp has received 500 complaints from subscribers as a result of these regulations.

According to research, in the month of October, 2,069,000 Indian WhatsApp accounts were entirely blocked. According to WhatsApp, +91 phone numbers are used to identify Indian users' accounts.


Investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI):

WhatsApp is also in the forefront of the market in preventing misuse across end-to-end encrypted messaging platforms, according to the research (end-to-end encrypted messaging services). Artificial Intelligence has been a constant investment for the organisation (AI). In addition, the corporation has invested in other cutting-edge technology, as well as data scientists and specialists. The company's goal is to keep its customers safe.

According to WhatsApp, the 5th report for the month of October has been issued in accordance with the new IT guideline. Details about customer complaints and investigations are included in the report. Every month, WhatsApp removes more than 8 million accounts on its network due to misbehaviour. In India, more than 20 lakh accounts have been posted.

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