Is WhatsApp messages can be traced? Read full information

Jul 12 2019 05:59 PM
Is WhatsApp messages  can be traced? Read full information

To eliminate fake news, the Indian government is insisting on tracing WhatsApp messages. A Member of the National Security Advisory Board (NSAB) has said that the matter can be resolved easily without any hassles. This will not affect the privacy of the users or eliminate end-to-end encryption. Whenever a forward message is sent to WhatsApp, the details of the person who sent it will be known first. It will identify the creator of the message with whom the message is forwarded. This was reported by V. Singh, a professor at IIT Madras. Kamakoti has given. Let us know the full details

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In his statement, a member of the NSAB said that all those who are forwarding such fake news are responsible for the damage caused by them. He also said that without breaking end-to-end encryption in this way, messages can be traced to help the investigating agency. In India, the emphasis was on tracing WhatsApp messages as soon as incidents of fake news occur.

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For your information, the Government of India has asked Whatsapp to introduce a new feature digital fingerprint feature. This feature will enable tracking of message sources without removing end-to-end encryption. The government has asked Whatsapp to add this feature to its platform. This feature will digitally fingerprint all messages. The government wants every Whatsapp message to have this digital fingerprint. This will determine who sent a message first. With this new feature, Whatsapp will provide the government with information about the actual sender of any message and how many people have read the message.




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