Anyone can change message on Whatsapp, another drawback surfaced , watch video here

Aug 09 2019 11:18 AM
Anyone can change message on Whatsapp, another drawback surfaced , watch video here

A new error has been detected in WhatsApp, the world's most popular instant messaging app. App flaws may cause WhatsApp users to get into trouble. Checkpoint, a well-known Israeli cyber security firm, said WhatsApp's flaw could help hackers spread false information and fake news as well as online scams. This error in WhatsApp has added to the concern of users around the world.

For your information, whatsapp has tried to point out this flaw through a tool. This tool explains how hackers can hack private and group chats. Also, if users send private messages to a group member during a group chat, it will make the message visible to all group members instead of private. Not only that, but it can also change the identity of users and completely change the sent messages with WhatsApp's 'quote' function. It can also show members who were never part of the group. As for changing messages, this WhatsApp error allows hackers to easily change the content of received or sent messages. The biggest concern is that these hackers can do anything by changing these messages according to their choice. Researchers have also released a video trying to explain how it can manipulate users' chats.

WhatsApp's flaw was discovered at the end of 2018, but the company did not take the necessary steps to fix it at the time. The report said that the error in WhatsApp's group and private chats had been corrected, with private messages appearing to all group members. However, the remaining two shortcomings are yet to be corrected. WhatsApp's parent company Facebook told researchers that the rest of the two shortcomings could not be fixed due to limited infrastructure.

Hackers can still change WhatsApp messages and execute online scams. WhatsApp has not made any official statements in this regard so far. However, in response to last year's Checkpoint report, it refused to admit any such errors in the app.

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