WhatsApp taking 'forced consent' of users in terms of policy change

Jan 09 2021 10:24 AM
WhatsApp taking 'forced consent' of users in terms of policy change

Recently, WhatsApp has made a big change in its policy, it is mandatory for you to accept these changes if you want to continue using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is informing the privacy policy and the change in terms through a notification to Android and iOS customers. This has been clearly stated in this notification that if you do not accept new updates by February 8, 2021, your WhatsApp account will be deleted.

Meaning, you cannot use WhatsApp after 8 February without allowing new rules and terms of privacy. It is clear that it is taking 'forced consent' because you do not have the option of not giving approval. Cyber law experts believe that social media platforms or apps generally do not take such strict steps. The consumer is usually given the option to 'accept' or reject an update. This latest notification of WhatsApp has increased the problems of experts and they say that as a user you should also be worried about it.

The cyber and technology law affairs expert Puneet Bhasin says that what WhatsApp is doing is nothing new. He said, "Our monitoring of the policy update approval of WhatsApp is going on because it is informing us of our policy in some form or the other and asking for approval from us. Otherwise almost every app can access our private data without our approval.” Bhasin also believes that India lacks privacy related laws, so it becomes easier to target countries like India for WhatsApp.

In countries where there are strict laws related to privacy and privacy, WhatsApp has to follow them:
If you look carefully, you will find that WhatsApp adopts different policies for the European region, Brazil and America. It has a separate privacy policy and conditions under the European Union (EU) and local laws for countries falling under European locations, separate for Brazil and separate for US users.

In India it does not appear obliged to follow any particular law:
Punit Bhasin says that developed countries are very serious about the privacy of their citizens and service providers or apps that do not work within the scope of their laws do not get a place in the play store itself. He said, "If someone's private data is severely misused through WhatsApp, then he can sue in the court and in this case action can also be taken under the IT Act, but there is currently no law in the country to be prevented from placing conditions. "

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